Gecko (Lease)

$134.99 / month and a $35.00 (Activation Fee + Box)

Introducing the Gecko Lease package, meticulously designed for today’s dynamic business environment. With a substantial 1TB data allowance, it’s primed to cater to your company’s internet demands, whether you’re operating from a corporate hub or managing tasks remotely.

Monthly Subscription: For a competitive rate of $149.99/month, ensure your business stays connected to high-speed internet, facilitating smooth video conferences, data transfers, and other professional activities. Notably, our service is optimized for VPN use, ensuring secure and efficient remote access—a crucial feature for businesses prioritizing data security and seamless connectivity.

One-time Activation & Equipment Fee: A one-time fee of $149.99 covers both the activation and provides you with our state-of-the-art Gecko Wi-Fi Modem. This sophisticated yet robust device seamlessly integrates with leading LTE cell networks, ensuring consistent connectivity, no matter the business setting.

Step into the future of business connectivity with Gecko Business Pro. Experience a level of wireless internet that sets new standards in reliability, speed, and secure VPN optimization.

Gecko Lease: Premier Wireless Internet for Modern Businesses with Travel Flexibility

Introducing the Gecko Lease - the gold standard of wireless solutions, designed for businesses that demand uninterrupted connectivity. Whether you're operating from a corporate office, managing remote teams, or occasionally traveling, this package ensures consistent online access.

Key Features:

  • Generous Data Allowance: Dive into the vast digital world without the constraints of low data limits from big box satellite providers.
  • Blazing Fast Speeds: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, enjoy internet speeds that meet all your business needs.
  • Broad Connectivity: Our top-tier equipment guarantees connection, from bustling urban centers to peaceful remote locations.

Why Gecko Lease?

  • Stellar Reliability: With integration to leading LTE cell carriers, say goodbye to unexpected disconnections.
  • Diverse Use Cases: Ideal for office work, remote collaboration, HD video conferencing, and even online business presentations.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: The Gecko Network Solutions team is ever-present, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free online journey.

Opt for Gecko Lease and transform your business's wireless internet experience. It's not just a plan; it's our promise to keep you connected, whether you're at the office or on a business trip. Tailored for those who value uninterrupted connectivity, this package emerges as a frontrunner in business wireless solutions.


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