About Us


Cellphone Hotspot is not Home Internet

It’s time to explore beyond concrete walls. Connect online from anywhere you can get a cell tower signal. We provide truly high-speed wireless internet services wherever you need – home, office, rural areas, RV or even a boat.

Using latest technology, we access signals from major cellular networks and mobile towers to provide you fast and reliable internet solutions that beat the ones that keep you buffering. Our expert and our friendly team is prompt in response and will get your Wi-Fi up and running smoothly. Prepare to stream, browse, game and work with more speed.

The ‘virtually unlimited’ plan on your cell phone, may only allow ‘virtually unlimited’ data usage on your phone. When you hotspot to other devices, it only allows tethering of 5 – 10 GB data per month.

Our advanced Modems, Routers and Boosters are specifically designed to broadcast virtually unlimited Wi-Fi to every device in your home or office – laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles and others. Working remotely is now easier than you can imagine.

Cellular Towers

We utilize 3 of the major cellular networks and provide high speed Wi-Fi for your devices with the one that’s best for your location.

Routers, Modems & Boosters

Our state-of-the-art modems & routers connect to the nearby mobile towers and may also use a booster to provide LTE data to your devices.


We can provide you high speed wireless internet accessible at home, office or an RV on devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, smart TVs etc.

Why Choose Us?


Flat Rate Virtually Unlimited 4G LTE

Connect your devices faster to the internet of things even from remote locations with our flat rate virtually unlimited data plans.


No Credit Checks

All you need is a cell phone signal and we can start setting you up for a highspeed wireless internet service.


7-Day, No Risk On Equipment

Internet that works even when you travel can sound unbelievable. Try it risk free with our money back guarantee on equipment.


No Contracts

We are keeping it simple. No pesky contracts to make you think twice. Enjoy true wireless freedom with month-to-month service from Gecko Network Solutions.


Home & Travel

Gecko Network Solutions Wi-Fi can be accessed on your laptops, gaming consoles and more at Home, Office or even On-the-Go.


Plans for Everyone

With multiple plan options to choose from, we will help you select one that is right for your location and works for you.