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Virtually Unlimited Wireless Internet for Home and Beyond

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It’s time to enjoy seamless connectivity within the comfort of your home. Connect online from your living room, backyard, or even the balcony. We offer truly high-speed wireless internet services for primary use at home – and you can take us with you for those occasional travels, be it to an office, rural area, RV, or even a boat.

Using the latest technology, we access signals from major cellular networks to provide you fast and reliable internet solutions that outpace those that keep you waiting. Our expert and friendly Gecko Network Solutions team is always ready to assist and ensure your Wi-Fi is optimized. Dive into uninterrupted streaming, browsing, gaming, and working.


6 Benefits of Choosing
Gecko Network Solutions


Flat Rate Virtually Unlimited 4G/5G Wi-Fi

Connect your devices faster to the internet of things even from remote locations with our flat-rate virtually unlimited data plans.


No Contracts

We are keeping it simple. No pesky contracts to make you think twice. Enjoy true wireless freedom with Gecko.


No Credit Checks

All you need is a cell phone signal and we can start setting you up for a highspeed wireless internet service.


Secure Home Wi-Fi

Gecko Wi-Fi is accessible at Home, in Office, and On-the-Go. Compatible with laptops, gaming consoles, security cameras, and VPNs.


7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If unsatisfied with our services, contact us within 7 days of equipment delivery for a full refund. Equipment must be returned in original packaging.


Plans for Everyone

With multiple plan options to choose from, we will help you select one that is right for your location and works for you.


VPN Friendly

Enhance privacy with VPN-ready Wi-Fi. Secure your data and maintain anonymity with our compatible network.



Gaming-Grade Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi is built for gamers. Enjoy low latency and stable connections for a superior online gaming experience.


HD Stream-Optimized

Stream in HD without interruption. Our Wi-Fi supports high-quality streaming on multiple devices.


Secure Wi-Fi Built-In

Get Wi-Fi with advanced security. Protect your network with encryption and automatic threat monitoring.


Virtually Unlimited Wireless Internet for Your Home

Gecko (Purchase)


Modem: $175 (Free Shipping)

Activation Fee: $35

Why Purchase?
Take full ownership of your modem with the Gecko Purchase plan. By investing upfront, you ensure consistent, high-speed connectivity both at home and on-the-move. It's an ideal choice for those seeking long-term benefits and limitless surfing without monthly modem fees.

Gecko (Lease)


Modem: $14.99/mo (Free Shipping)

Activation Fee: $35

Why Lease?
Opt for flexibility and ease with the Gecko Lease plan. Without the initial modem cost, you can experience high-speed internet connectivity. This plan suits those who prefer spreading out costs over time and value the convenience of a leasing arrangement. Stay connected, and enjoy the freedom to adapt as your needs change.

Peak Speeds Achieved

Consistent Uptime

Average Setup Time

VPN Compatibility

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